Im having a huge final sale in my big cartel shop A change of circumstances means I need to sell as much as possible as soon as possible. I will have limited time to work on my art for the foreseeable future so this could be a last opportunity to own an original piece at such brilliantly reduced prices. Thank you for your support.


Frankie Magazine



I’m so delighted that my dolls made it into one of my favourite publications, Frankie!! This is issue 48 (last months but just out in the UK as this is an Australian magazine) I was so excited I took rather bad photos at the end of the day, but it gives you an idea.

kickcanandconkers blog giveaway

Deborah Beau is celebrating three years of blogging here. her blog is always inspiring and full of wonderful finds that Deborah tirelessly searches out, she has an amazing eye for all kinds of creations, so when Deborah was starting her Blog I was beginning to put some of my first creations online and Deborah was pretty much the first person to respond to my work. Almost as soon as I had started my online shop life bumped in with a change of course and I spent the next couple of years relocating several times and rebuilding my home and family, there was very little time for creating but as soon as I was back on track it was Deborah again who picked up on my work, she hadn’t forgotten and that was an amazing boost to my rather bruised confidence, so thank you Deborah and congratulations, I look forward to the next three years.

As part of my thank you and because the last three years have been significant in my life also I thought it would be lovely to donate a doll for Deborah to give away, so pop over to kickcanandconkers and have a look. Molly Dolly Honey Bee was one of my first Molly Dollies and a favourite with my girls who chose her for Deborah’s giveaway.

Scrap bag squares

Whilst the children watched an afternoon movie I found some quiet time to start putting together some new square dolls. I’ve used some lovely scraps passed onto me by my mums dress making partner, they stopped business a few years ago And I am the lucky recipient of their clear outs. I’m printing the faces on linen from my original drawings, I wanted a contrast between the quite childlike cartoon faces and the rather sophisticated fabrics, many are vintage liberty, a mix of cottons, silks and Varuna wools. I’m also experimenting with a kind of modernist or Russian constructivist look by adding simple shapes in flat colours, the triangular or half circle hats, circular pom poms and triangles, rectangles and squares on their bodies.







Packing & making orders

This week I have put a lot of energy into my packaging, with three or four orders to send out it was a good time to make some decisions on how I want things to look. I took the above image yesterday in rather grey conditions but it gives an idea of how things are looking. Unfortunately I just packaged up todays order without documenting it, a bit silly!

I have placed an order at for business cards and stickers, so I’m hoping once they arrive everything will start to look really good. Each step has to be thought about, which text to use, what colours, printing on different types of paper gives different results. The cellophane pockets, yes or no and what sizes? what colour tissue paper, labels, have I included all relevent info about the product and my contact details and if so where should this go. Labels, what type, text or image or both? different items require different types of packaging! so when all this is done do all the different elements tie in, is the packaging consistent across different items in terms of quality, colour, logos or text. And finally sizing with regard to posting, do the products fit available packaging and if not how will I post efficiently. Phew it’s been quite a week.

I’m also thinking about adding necklaces to my shop, ideas are in the early stages but I’ve ordered some materials to get started. Below is a sample using the only pendant I could find locally but It gives an idea of what I’m thinking about. This is a small ink drawing. I also want to do some 3D pendants with tiny sculptures inside glass boxes and domes.

Also this week I have continued with the small art felt brooches, below is a baby hoot.

Still Brooch making

I’ve managed to complete quite a few brooches today and get them listed on Etsy still I estimate another two or three days to get them all completed. Then I will move onto textile doll / characters and paper clay sculptures which need some finishing touches before being listed in my shop. Above is my final sheet of drawings (for now) for the brooches, completed this evening whilst watching four rooms & Luther.

Below are a set of smaller brooches using the same drawn faces I have used on some of my larger textile pieces, whilst sewing them together today I was suddenly reminded of some much loved childhood books that I think were Teddy bears by Susanna Getz  so I’m sure that’s where these originate from in the depths of my childhood memory!

So I’m pleased with progress made and am off to bed for some much-needed sleep. But before I go here is a link To a lovely italian Blog belonging to Irene Zuccarello who just happens to be featuring my work, take a look she has lots of lovely things to browse through.