An imagined family portrait

An imagined family portrait

I wanted to create a safe place, an imaginary sanctuary for my family as we struggle to survive these unbelievably difficult times. My furniture, my children, my coffee pot transported somewhere else. I think I created this image to sooth the constant fear of homelessness and not being able to keep my children safe.

Painting in progress above and below a selection of details from the finished painting.

Lots of painting

I worked out that I’ve produced¬†over 60 paintings since July, not all successful. Some paintings change a lot, some are never resolved or become an overworked mess. Making mistakes and hoping to learn something is part of the battle. here are a selection of some of the more recent paintings I’ve been working on

Nature girl
The fire children
Little My
In the wilderness she wore pearls
Into the woods
Peggy and the ghosts
Taking David’s dog for a walk
Where am I going and how the hell do I get there?

The journey of a painting

I like to document my work as it changes, it’s useful to remind myself of the journey. This work is inspired by the book I’m reading at the moment, The Essex serpent by Sarah Perry. I woke up at 6.30 am this morning, a bit annoying on a Sunday, but since the kids are away I decided to start straight away on a new painting. I have documented the progress throughout the day, there is a long way to go yet. It’s been hard work, I’m never entirely sure where a painting is going to end up both in terms of content and technique.img_1474img_1475img_1476img_1477img_1868img_1869