I have a fantastic sale in my shop¬†lots of original artworks and hand crafted dolls available at very reduced prices for a short period of time. I’m not sure if I will be making more dolls so this may be a last opportunity to pick up one of my unique designs.


This week I’ve been working on a new doll design, The first four dolls have been completed and are available in my shop. They have linen bodies in a variety of skin colours, their hair is wool and their clothes are a mixture of new and genuine vintage fabrics. Each face is individually hand painted. I wanted to create a doll that was a follow on from previous doll designs and that also related to the characters in my paintings. Colour and pattern therefor feature strongly. I have designed a single shape that I can develop in a variety of skin and hair colours to create as much diversity as possible within the one design.¬†48d5f40c-e42d-4edf-8069-018c0d165a27img_3476ac9348d0-7ebf-477b-8406-c564f666f581img_3494img_3491img_0042img_3536img_3538img_3540img_3546img_3547img_3551img_3552img_3556img_3549img_3554