My passions are my three children and my art. I make/ create in every spare moment of every day. I am a mum always. I have also worked as a freelance model maker for animation companies here in Bristol. I graduated in painting from Glasgow school of Art with a first class degree and have spent the last few years building up my Etsy shop, I create cloth art dolls, illustrations, original paintings and much more.

I have an Etsy shop, I’m on pinterest and facebook you can also see hundreds of images on my Flickr account under Quinn 68.

self portrait

24 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Jess, I’m loving your work !
    I just happened across your old site today and thought it looked lovely, so I immediately pressed the facebook ‘like’ button !
    I’ll need to press this one to now:)
    I’d like to add some information about you and your work on my new creative blog http://dappledsky.com if thats oK including some pics- Dappled Sky is all about sharing super creative finds and arty news, including some studio visits and interviews with artists and makers who I think are inspiring. Hope thats OK . I’m a figure /doll maker too so I totally get your work.

  2. Hello Jess,
    Would love to talk to you about the Paper Scissors Stone shop in Bristol.
    Would you mind emailing me your email?
    Thank you – love your work!
    Made in Bristol

  3. i just came here through Pinterest and i was sooo excited to see everything you create!!
    i wish i was talented like you for i’m such clumsy at my craft…
    and sorry for my clumsy english too, i’m japanese.
    just wanted to say that i was so excited to see everything from here in little town in Tokyo!
    i’m 26 and just started sewing, i wish i could be like you someday!!
    thank you so much for steeming up my motivation!! love from Tokyo!

    1. Hi Yukiko, thank you for your lovely message, it is lovely to make connections all over the world, My mum lived in Japan as a child, one of the countries on my must visit one day list! best wishes Jess

  4. Hi, I really enjoyed watching your works and they are awesome! I might visit here often:)
    how cool it is to see your works online even though I’m in Korea.

  5. Hello, I am Carla I watched with wonder your creations are absolutely fantastic ….. but where can I find …. you can buy on the Internet? I hope so …. let me know? thank you so much

  6. Hi Jess, I am doing this project at school in Textiles. This is my first year learning how to use the sewing machine and i love it. We got to choose an artist and i choose you because i just love your work. I was wondering if you could answer a couple of questions we needed to find out. I was wondering Where do you get your amazing ideas from?, What kinds of materials do you use? and Where/how do they sell? thank you so much and it would be great if you could reply.

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