New doll design

I wasn’t sure if I would make dolls again. A couple of months ago I decided I wanted to design a doll that was a culmination of all my years of experience. If I decide to continue with the dolls I will add a few more designs in 2017, unfortunately if 2017 is as brutal as 2016 these will be the last batch of dolls I make so I want them to be a celebration of all the things I have created and learnt over the last 10 years, I have called them the ‘Rainbow girls’ with this in mind.

I am really pleased with the results, the dolls are about 53 cm or 21″ tall with linen bodies and cotton hair. Their faces are individually hand painted. I love dressing the dolls, they always seem to end up with better wardrobes than me! I have a huge collection of new and genuine vintage fabrics so they have a lot of choice when it comes to outfits. I’m about half way through this batch of dolls, there should be 7 when I’m finished. Each doll is being listed in my shop as they are finished. The first doll (in green jumpsuit) was the prototype and she is available at a very reduced price, she has a slightly shorter body so is a tiny bit smaller than the other dolls.



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