A day with myself!

Girl and forsythia
Girl with black hair

This morning I woke up to an empty house, the first day in almost six weeks of summer holidays without the children. This so rare and precious time has as usual appeared unplanned and at the last minute, so with little time to plan anything I decided to just be quiet, contemplative, calm and  paint in my pyjamas!

I’ve been working on some paintings taken from childhood images found on my computer, they are me around the age of 12, this is quite a significant age, pre-teen, the end of childhood, I think I probably had a textbook idyllic childhood and the transition to teenager was uncomfortable, lonely and pretty miserable. My youngest daughter is now 12 and the other two kids are fully formed teenagers, I hope I am able to empathise with their situation at least some of the time and remember how crappy it can be.

So apart from looking at some memories and old images (remembering to not loose the plot with my teenage terrors) I’m also exploring different colour palettes seeing what develops. These paintings are all in gouache, I would like to work in oil next which I haven’t used for years as it can produce really rich colours and smells great. One thing this period of painting has reminded me of is to keep pushing myself, never give up, don’t settle or become creatively complacent. Have a great bank holiday.

Girl with blue kitten
Under the apple tree, my dad and I.




2 thoughts on “A day with myself!

  1. I like your paintings. I love how you are painting pictures from your past, by doing that I feel like you are putting the emotion you felt in that point in time, and putting that into your painting.

    1. Thank you little links jewelry, It’s been an interesting journey, looking at old images is probably a natural response when a family is in turmoil, I am so glad I have had this opportunity to paint.

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