Drawing Rosie

It’s been a long time away from all things creative. I have just completed a years teacher training course and have learnt a lot but am left tired and somewhat confused. As yet the venture feels inconclusive, no nice beginning middle and end as planned. will I become a teacher? with no job secured for September I have no idea what the future holds.

As I try to gather my thoughts, rest my weary head and come up with a workable solution for myself and my family I have invariably returned to my first love, Art, for answers? solace? who knows, it’s my place, where I always return. This has been confirmed many times receantly by Facebook as it spits back memories from 2 or 3 years ago, yes, you were trying to draw, paint or craft your way out of a hole back then too.

when I screamed out my first memorable tantrum under a school easel aged 4 I knew I wanted to be an Artist and the teacher could insist all she wanted, I was not going to stop painting for a maths lesson !! so early memories of art and teaching, mixed messages, happiness and sadness, misunderstandings and the irrefutable fact that everyone else thought maths more important than Art!

It’s the summer holidays so I started with my daughter, a sometimes available and willing model. I also went back to basics with pencila nd paper. This was good for me, I forced myself to slow down, observe, think and re-connect.






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