Spring cleaning

   The beginning months of this year have been pretty awful as I have been really ill, I have felt like I’m drowning in a fog of exhaustion, not being able to get things done is incredibly frustrating and depressing, I am not comfortable or even able to rest ( a contributing factor to my becoming so I’ll!) 

So for me to have spent many days in bed unable to stay awake was quite a serious stock taking moment for me. Thankfully I am on the mend and as I rise out of my miserable fog I am very motivated to make changes. First was to sort out the house and my workspace, this is the first time in months I have felt able to get physical with the house! Major furniture moving, all books off bookcase, dusted, discarded, and organised, the same with all my fabric. I have extended my work table in preparation for new projects. Feeling good if just a tiny bit exhausted, it’s time for change! Happy spring cleaning.



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