Goodbye 2012, looking forward to 2013


Above and below are images of my last show before Christmas (Colston Hall Bristol), I made some super cute pom pom animals and machine embroidered standing dolls, similar dolls will be available in my shop in the new year. This is my first experience of the Christmas season, last year I was only just up and running so wasn’t involved in so many shows and pop up shops. It has been a huge learning curve, I finished work at about 6pm on Christmas eve, decorated the tree, filled stockings and crawled into bed exhausted. Christmas morning I had the first signs of impending illness, headache and sore throat, I dosed myself with vitamins and medication and made it through the next few days. The children had a lovely time and whilst they spent a couple of days at their dads I lay in bed watching back to back episodes of sons of anarchy! I’m feeling a lot better now and managed to squeeze a birthday in there as well!


Below are some images of my work table this morning because even when I’m not working I’m working!! developing some new designs for 2013. Small dolls made from lightly tea stained jersey and experimenting with hand drawn faces in the next photo (fox)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


These little hanging dolls below have hand drawn pencil faces and wool hair.


The large doll below with dark velveteen hair is a new design I am developing for 2013, she is the same size as the molly Dolly with long skinny jointed limbs and a shaped body for sitting.


Some lovely little pom pom birds and bunnies looking forward to 2013 and some spring sunshine!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Below a closer look at the new large doll with embroidered features and beaded felt bear ears.


A last look at 2012, this is me working into the night preparing for Christmas. Lots of love and best wishes to you all for 2013!! less rain and more sunshine please x



6 thoughts on “Goodbye 2012, looking forward to 2013

  1. I just came across your blog and your work is so delightful! Any chance you will ever share or sell teaching tutorials? I would so love to know how to make the beautiful blonde doll in your 3rd photo here (or the red haired one similar to it in a few photos.) I also adore the bigger doll with embroidered features that you are working on! ‘Glad you are feeling better!

  2. happy 2013 jess! i love these glimpses into your creative world – always inspiring. here’s to lots of sunshine throughout the year ahead! : )

  3. Hi Natalie, It is something I’m thinking of and the small doll would be a good starting point, keep an eye on my blog this year as I will announce any patterns or tutorials here. All the best Jess.

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