Three new Molly Dolly’s in shop today


Tabitha is my modern interpretation of a 1970s childhood where little house on the prairie and Holly Hobby dolls were firm favourites. She has a linen dress with vintage collar and felt apple and strawberry accessories. Her hair is also styled exactly how my mum did my hair circa 1978, braided and pinned on top. Or just braided as you can see below, my brother and I on my grandparents farm in Indiana.



Bessie is based on some very old illustrations in a story book dating from the early 1900s. Her dress is based on the outfits worn in these pictures. And below is Harriet in her wollen winter wonderland outfit, my first Molly Dolly with bent knees.


5 thoughts on “Three new Molly Dolly’s in shop today

  1. Tabitha: wonderful interpretation of those 1970s American TV shows. I especially like the top of the dress, which is reminiscent of a Gunne Sax dress I wore to prom in 1981.

    “Vintage” photo is great too – memories of childhood camping trips in Ohio and further east sans dog.

    1. Hi Lynne, this is the kind of dress I would have loved although I remember a full length patchwork dress my grandmother bought for me, probably sears or jc penny, I loved that dress so much!

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