Peg dolls



This is a project I have waited to complete for ages and it felt perfect to get them ready for Christmas. This is also a brilliant way to utilise all my lovely scraps that are just too good to get rid of. I spent yesterday creating 20 little dolls, it was very satisfying to realise several ideas so quickly, my large textile dolls take a long time to create! But I’m also thinking there are a few ideas here for larger dolls. I used scraps of vintage silk, tana lawn and Japanese kimono fabric as well as various trims and miniature flowers.








2 thoughts on “Peg dolls

  1. Fab peg dolls Jess, very evocative of homemade Christmas tree decorations from my childhood – they were probably made by my Mum and her sisters when they were kids…. long gone Strange how things disappear.

    1. Hi Deborah, thank you and that’s exactly where the inspiration came from, mum even got her old dolls out this year, they are quite chipped as I remember playing with them a lot as a child!

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