Lots of new designs for Christmas

We got through half term, although the children and I were all ill and one or two children have been at home for the last week so it doesn’t really feel like term has started yet.  I have carried on working between trips to the doctors and administering medicine and today I have finally had a few hours of child free working time so I feel far less stressed and far more focused on what needs to be done pre-Christmas (too much!! so I’ll need to devise a plan whilst the children are away)

Despite the stress of the last couple of weeks I feel excited with the new designs I have completed, first a selection of Christmas wreaths or wall hangings that are subtly seasonal using wire, cloth and felt they look lovely hanging on my walls. Inspiration as always has come from childhood memories, my mum has a wonderful collection of Christmas decorations including some little felt animals she made, I always loved these magical miniature creatures and unwrapping them each year to decorate the tree is one of my favourite memories. So far bears, birds and horses, with patterns for a camel, lama, swan, elephant and donkey waiting to take shape. Above are some terrier decorations and dala horses and below are the christmas wreaths or woodland wall hangings.

I have also been working on a selection of lovely softie pillows and a new doll design!! the Sazzy doll named after my favourite childhood rag doll sewn by my mum is a long tall display doll, she will come in two sizes and can hang on the wall or sit. Her limbs are long and un-stuffed to emphasise her elegant proportions. With these dolls I wanted to concentrate on beautiful textiles, colour and texture, they have merino wool hair, chunky knit tops and skirts and dresses made from silks, linen and cotton from my huge collection of vintage fabric. The very last photo shows a fox scarf that I am also working on.




7 thoughts on “Lots of new designs for Christmas

  1. You are a very talented woman. I love the complex color mixes with the simplicity of design! Have you considered hooking up with your local county foster organization to teach a class on doll making. I’m sure the children would love it.

  2. I love the wreaths – light and bright – and the dolls are wonderfully sophisticated. Hope they both sell well!
    Best wishes

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