Drawing the Alphabet

I have done a lot of drawing over the last week or so, my energy levels are very low as we approach the end of the six-week summer holiday. The children and I have muddled through ok with no real holiday and an awful lot of rain. I’ve tailored my work around them being home so less doll making and more drawing and planning. I’m continuing to develop the hand drawn china and really want to get started on t-shirts that I sampled earlier in the summer, these needed more testing and sampling but I think I’m nearly ready to produce them once the kids are back at school. These alphabet drawings are something that has been in the pipeline for a while, I’ve got lots of little sketches that I started developing yesterday, may add a little colour, not sure yet. Have a lovely Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Drawing the Alphabet

  1. Your drawings are absolutely brilliant! I looooovvvveeee them!! I’ve just had my first baby and I’m trying so hard to find that craft/baby balance! I see one eye peak as soon as I pick up a needle! x

  2. Thank you, I know how hard it is to find a little creative time around small children but it does get easier as they get older, when mine were babies I took up knitting as it was something I could do quietly whilst they slept, also knitting for babies means lots of small quick projects. I loved mixing all kinds of colours and textures and I had the best dressed babies in town!

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