kickcanandconkers blog giveaway

Deborah Beau is celebrating three years of blogging here. her blog is always inspiring and full of wonderful finds that Deborah tirelessly searches out, she has an amazing eye for all kinds of creations, so when Deborah was starting her Blog I was beginning to put some of my first creations online and Deborah was pretty much the first person to respond to my work. Almost as soon as I had started my online shop life bumped in with a change of course and I spent the next couple of years relocating several times and rebuilding my home and family, there was very little time for creating but as soon as I was back on track it was Deborah again who picked up on my work, she hadn’t forgotten and that was an amazing boost to my rather bruised confidence, so thank you Deborah and congratulations, I look forward to the next three years.

As part of my thank you and because the last three years have been significant in my life also I thought it would be lovely to donate a doll for Deborah to give away, so pop over to kickcanandconkers and have a look. Molly Dolly Honey Bee was one of my first Molly Dollies and a favourite with my girls who chose her for Deborah’s giveaway.


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