An exhausting but worthwhile weekend


I haven’t had time to post as I spent the weekend tidying the house and my workspace in preparation for photographs to be taken next week. I’ll admit the home has been sadly neglected in recent months, work and kids come first, domestic duties lag far behind. And although I have woken this morning with a nurofen and volterol worthy back ache it has been very worth while, I needed an outside commitment as in someone coming to document my home and work to kick my comatose domestic goddess into action. Tidying without children is wonderful, the joy of walking into a room and it is exactly how you left it, amazing, I keep opening the girls bedroom door and just luxuriating in the organised calm!!



I even made one of my textile works into a television cover, oh boy the kids are going to love this one!!! Below my work table still needs organizing but the cats don’t care.




Kitchen corner and shelves organised, below at 4.10 pm yesterday I sat down for a cup of tea. Upstairs I had organised my bedroom shelves and displayed some of my vintage clothes and finally the girls room looking habitable for the first time in about six months!! A bit more work to do today but as my back is needing a little rest I’m going to sit down with my sketch book for an hour










8 thoughts on “An exhausting but worthwhile weekend

  1. Oh I love it too!! Organised calm is the best – and I totally love your TV cover! Great idea!!

    I have a set of those Hornsea canisters too! Mine are in a lovely brown on brown! Yours are gorgeous!

  2. So beautiful Jess and the kids rooms are just delightful! I bet they make a pretty mess too. All those cute toys and colour and fun! Your house reminds me very much of this book You should see if you can track down a copy. I know you’d love it. Our house is always a rather beautiful sort of chaos too. Hence, very few home shots make it onto my blog 😉

  3. Thank you everyone, it’s been lovely to get everything in order and we had a long but successful photo shoot yesterday, the girls have already started to pull their room apart Anna Maria, they are like little squirrels or hamsters that build nests out of everything they can find then burrow down into them, you just have to watch they don’t store food in their nests!! and I will look into sources for that book, thank you.

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