Molly Dolly continued

I am continuing to work on the Molly Dollies over the weekend. Above is Little Min, I have worked on the face details, Sadie’s face was closer to my traditional childhood rag dolls, little Mins face is half way between this and the kind of faces I’ve embroidered on my Hoots and small cloth dolls. I have raided my vintage fabric stash again for Little Mins outfit, her dress is a beautiful rayon type of cloth, I’m guessing 1950s or 60s, her hat is another scrap of veruna wool left ver from my mums dressmaking business. Her hair is a herringbone wool mix, still experimenting with hair, I found an image of a vintage doll with cloth hair which was very interesting and inspired Mins look. I have lots of ideas, just have to find the time and energy to execute them! Happy bank Holiday weekend to you all, I’m back to my sewing machine now.






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