A traditional rag doll

At the moment I’m working on three, no four complex dolls, the Queen of Birds, Mr Fox, a new pattern for a human figured doll which is the same shape and size as the bird dolls with wired limbs and a clay headed doll that can’t decide who she wants to be!

Whilst pondering how to complete this characters I decided it was time to formulate a pattern for a traditional rag doll, above is the first completed doll, I’m going to call them Molly Dollies after my lovely mum who made beautiful rag dolls when I was a child for me and to sell locally before she moved on to clothing and knit wear. The face is inspired by these childhood dolls and my daughter Sadie who has the most wonderful big brown eyes. She has wool hair and removable clothes.

Below more images of my first molly dolly and a sneak preview of the Queen of birds and Ella.






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