Viviana & Wilson

Viviana is finished, she will be in my shop tomorrow. She has been a huge amount of work but I’m really pleased with how she has turned out. I’m continuing to develop this doll body shape, Viviana is basically the same as Summer but with a different head. Her body is off white linen and her limbs are wired so that she can hold her bear and bag or sit on a chair with her knees bent. Her beautiful red hair is wool and her face has been partly sculpted with stitches to form her nose and eyelids, her mouth is embroidered and she has blush on her cheeks and nose, her eyes are glass and were hand made in Wales. Her accessories include pale yellow felt bunny ear head band, fake leather tote bag, hand knitted wool neck warmer and a lovely little apricot teddy bear called Wilson. She wears a vintage cotton blouse, linen jacket with tiny shrink art brooch, Linen skirt with muslin under skirt, striped socks and fantastic fake leather red shoes, what more could a girl want?


4 thoughts on “Viviana & Wilson

  1. Oh Jess I just like everything about her. Your dolls are getting better and better. The way you have done the eyes reminds me of some dolls my mum used to make. I have a Dutch book by Henriette Snels called Karakterpoppen van stof, you may like to get it if it is still for sale. Shame I can’t just pop round to show you over coffee.

  2. FABulous style………….yes I agree, reckon Tim Burton could animate her to her own special perfection

  3. Hi Manon, thank you very much, I’ll look the book up, maybe coffe one day you never know x

    Thank you barbaraelka & lyn, I think that’s a wonderful idea, Tim where are you?

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