Florence my new nurse Hoot is finished and in my shop. I have several other things to finish which I’m hoping to do tomorrow and clear the weekend for cutting out some new bird dolls. Children back from school so off to prepare food!!

7 thoughts on “Florence

  1. The nurses cap is great! Caps were a source of great pride for generations…they had to be perfectly starched and/or ironed and/or folded and pinned in place and they identified the school a nursing student attended. Although I am happy I am not required to wear a skirt/dress/cap…..I fully appreciate the tradition and art of the nurses cap. Florence the nurse hoot is amazing!

  2. If you put in your search engine:
    medscape what happened to the cap?
    you will find a history of nursing caps and an abundance of old photographs which are interesting to say the least…this is why the ruffles, pleats/folds, and cap in the art dolls outfit are so amazing!

  3. I love her bag. I was a nurse (in a past life) I will always be proud of my service and will treasure the memories of the people I cared for.

  4. Thank you Bex, Melanie and Alison. Melanie the history of the cap is amazing, thank you so much, the traditional nurses uniform is very symbolic from Florence Nightingale and Mary seacole to the carry on films!! The references are vast. Alison My Great Aunt Paula dedicated her life to nursing, never married or had children and became a very respected hospital matron, her life has always fascinated me for a woman born just after the first world war to pursue a successful lifelong career in nursing.

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