Nelly & Jacob explained?

Jacob and Nelly are finished and in my shop, all of Jacob’s little painted clay birds are in place, he has a wonderful pair of vintage cotton trousers and a seedling growing from his straw hat! Nelly also has a couple of little birds and a seedling growing from her skirt which is made of vintage wool and lots of patchwork scraps left over from my mums dress making business and handed down to me by her business partner, so there is 30 years of history in the patchwork front, the wool is even older, made on a very narrow loom, I am guessing 1930s or older. I like the combination of old and new, the stories and secrets within, I like contrast and even contradiction, such as the lovely fabrics of Nelly’s skirt against the cartoon effect of her colourful gloved hands, almost like she has forgotten to remove her mismatched marigolds!

I consider the details on both Nelly and Jacob, like the hands and exaggerated cartoon style faces, the wild trousers and pon poms an intentional disruption, so that the foremost emotion is not nostalgia or aesthetics, they are hinted at as we all carry history with us and desire beauty but these are not the things that carry us forward, rather the need to break free and create anew.

Well I haven’t really explained anything but it’s always fun to try!




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