The Good the Bad and the Ugly

I feel Wiped out this week, I think it’s partly because the weather is so cold and I’ve worked such long hours for so many months all my reserves are low. I feel drained by other people’s anger both in a wider context and up close and personal, I can see how easy it would be to retreat from the world all together with my paint brushes and sewing machine. Last week was difficult and this week is rearing its ugly head in ways I had not anticipated, sometimes I wish my children and I could go far far away from here.

So my little wobble over and it’s back to business, above is Jacob the Bird boy and Nelly, these two have waited so long to be completed and I’m so happy to see them finally coming together. They have paper clay painted heads and textile bodies, Jacobs body is hand knitted and I have used a variety of vintage fabrics on both dolls. I’ve also been making some tiny painted clay birds, some of which will go on Jacob. I also have my first flower baby brooch finished and little planter necklace, hope to get these listed in my shop tomorrow.










6 thoughts on “The Good the Bad and the Ugly

  1. Wish I could send some sunshine and warmth your way…..we have been lucky enough to have a few more warm sunny days before the HEAT of summer arrives and I begin praying for an early Fall! Your new creations are lovely especially Nelly (my dearest friends name whom I just had a lovely dinner and cocktail night with this past Friday to celebrate another year). I also love the flower brooch! I was all smiles this evening because Billy and others arrived in the mail!!!

    1. Thank you Melanie, so glad to hear Billy and friends arrived safely, just thinking of cocktails and sunshine is enough to put a smile on my face :):) all the best Jess.

  2. Hi Miss, just wanted to say how seeing Jacob and Nelly made my heart beat faster, so joyful and full of so much life !
    the world is such a better place for having your works in it, your sunshine !
    sendin you my good thoughts, keep going and take care of yourself !

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