Dolly progress


It’s been a busy week, trying to get the children and myself back into a routine after the Easter holidays, everyone is a bit tired and grumpy. I’m trying to catch up with emails and orders. Also need to sit down and make sure I have my wholesale prices organised as I have a couple of shops interested in my work, I also have a couple of magazine interviews to complete this week, I have a busy weekend ahead of me!

Jazz my banjo boy is nearly completed, he is just waiting for his arms and banjo … rather essential details for a musician!! Jazz and Bridgette are my first dolls with wire arms and legs, I love their skinny limbs. Bridgette has had a wardrobe update as I found a vintage straw hat that was perfect for her and the weathers been so cold I knitted a blue cape to go with her new hat, Bridgette is happy even Clemence her little bird approves. and above is Billy saying a last goodbye to her friends as she prepares to journey across the ocean to the US.



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