Hello a new face in Hootsville

I’m making more hoots and developing another new doll shape. I always like variety in my doll shapes as bodies and limbs convey as much character as the face, I imagine my characters moving around  in their story world which would be a terribly dull place if everyone was the same shape and size. So the new girl in town is Billy Vanpinkle, she is a special little girl because she was born with a fairy tooth, sometimes when the woodland whispers are aligned in a certain way the fairies deliver a tooth to a baby instead of collecting teeth. This is what happened to Billy, she was born with one fairy tooth in her baby mouth, this means that Billy has always been able to hear the woodland whispers and knows all about the hooticorns and other woodland wonders.

Back to the sewing machine now. Happy mid-week meanderings to you all.


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