Annie joins her sister

Annie is finished, I really wanted to complete her and my Hooticorn before the children get home in a couple of hours. I’ve had nearly four child free days, so a good working stretch, only mr Hooticorn to finish. Annie is Jenny’s big sister and a woodland Hoot nurse.


2 thoughts on “Annie joins her sister

  1. I love these Jess! The fabrics you use are so much fun, wished I could have a look around at what you have. I am a total fabric addict and adore the combinations you use.

  2. Hi Manon, thank you, I have a lot of fabric!! my mum was a designer/dressmaker from the 70s until a few years ago when she retired and I inherited a lot of her fabric, I also have a collection of vintage fabric bought on Ebay over the years, it is quite hard to find really interesting fabric new but I do like fabric land in Bristol, it is quite cheap and tacky which I like for ott trims and things like fake leather and lime green cotton!!!

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