Gerald’s new friends are taking shape

The children are away, I tried for an early night but my head was whirling all over the place then I woke up at 6am, I think lots of mums experience this, we crave a little peace and quiet but when it comes we are so programmed to multitask at speed that it’s almost impossible to rest. Then if you do manage some extra sleep you wake up feeling like you have flu, it’s like ten years of running around without a break has hit you like a giant mother bus in the night and just wacked all the stuffing out of you.

So I decided my attempts to get back to sleep were futile, also the getting run over by a bus image wasn’t helping. So up I got made a pot of coffee and started sewing. Three new characters are nearly completed they are variations on Gerald and it’s a complicated shape to construct, and surprisingly stuffing is always hard work, you need to get the feel just right, no lumps, solid enough to stand but not straining at the seams and always shaping almost like your working with clay as every lump bump arm or leg adds to the feel of the particular character you are creating.

Marilyn the oodle or is she a pipdoodle I can’t remember! is nearest to completion, she has a maribo collar and pom-pom tail. Then the snorse with his little snail house and the third character who is not yet named but has a furry under belly and felt cap.





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