The bluebells called out to Magnus moon



This is a sample watercolour that I’m working on, not finished yet. I’ve been putting together a story around my characters onion boy and garlic girl and this is a scene from the story so far, the bluebells are planning to run away to Paris and are calling out to Magnus moon for his help in guiding them through the night. Magnus is happy to join them on his new bicycle. The story is very rough at this stage and I’m trying to get the look I want for the illustrations as this will help me get to know the characters that are jostling for space in my head, Dave the disco star rollerbooting across the sky, hummer the bumble bee, Monsieur Humpty, Alf the sad elephant, Tom turnip, Oliver orangutan or the mighty O as he was known in his flying trapeze days. Polly Patch and contrary Mary. Lorenzo the lion and the mexican jumping beans!


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