What has she done!!!

So, I’m not sure how to explain myself really, and I have no idea what my mother will say!!! my hair is now a pale apricot colour which I’ve just realised matches both the cat and the guinea pig! I’m a big girl and should know better maybe it’s the many hours spent alone with my imagination unfettered? or maybe it’s a mini mid-life crisis? whatever it is I’m quite enjoying it, although I haven’t really left the house this weekend, the children are away and it’s quite possible they might cry when they get home to this slightly odd-looking woman, there is also the school playground to deal with tomorrow!!!!

My weekend started off with a plan, I needed to rest, usually I try to fill my child free weekends  with work, I hate being still, that’s my brain not my body. But my total exhaustion has forced me to slow down before I break down. But I needed something to do, so in between movies I’ve had hot baths, face packs, the occasional glass of wine, several magazines and thinking time, no making just thinking. Also with several clear days I wanted to remove the hair dye from my hair, I have only been dying my hair for two or three years, it has always been very dark almost black, but a couple of years ago I started to grey like a distinguished gentleman, that is sideburns first, I felt tired and drained so started to colour my locks for the first time in my life. It’s been ok but I didn’t want to continue indefinitely.

I used hair dye removal and was left with bright orange hair! I had already decided to bleach as well, I’m not ready for full on grey yet, my theory is that the jump from peroxide blonde to grey / white will be better also if I’m going to colour my hair at this stage I want it to be completely fake and not a rather depressing regime to cover my grey hair. Anyway the result is apricot hair! and since this year is about being fearless I think I will stick with my new bonkers look for a while.




13 thoughts on “What has she done!!!

  1. Jess! hahaha! 😀 this is cool!
    I think we both share the same orange/yellow weird color now.
    I want to dye it again to get a color less yellow 😛
    yeah! I feel the same way, sometimes I can be a little scary having scissors or dye in my hands!

  2. Thank you Amalia, that’s lovely I don’t feel quite so batty now:):)
    Thank you Eva, yes I probably shouldn’t be left alone for a whole weekend!
    Thank you Alice, it’s going to take some getting used to, my local shopkeeper was stunned into silence, and he’s a very chatty man!
    Thank you Flannery O’kafka, Mum just turned up for a surprise visit! But she seemed remarkably calm about it, probably discussing my lost marbles with Dad at this very moment!

  3. Ah, you did a really great job, Jess. It looks absolutely super! I’ve put off the bleach/dye thing for a loooong while too and am now sporting 10 inches of brown regrowth and about 10 inches of orange ends (it’s a good look!) I’ve got a bit lazy with hair up-keep, since we moved to the country. It’s all gumboots and jeans in our school yard. People are pretty conservative around here. So, I don party frocks, liquid eyeliner and really bright hats. Sometimes things just need shaking up! Ari seems really happy to have a ‘colourful’ mum but then, I guess he is 6 and pretty colourful himself… xo

  4. And having seen it in the flesh, I can confirm that it’s fab. Very spring-like, daffodil almost – you know the pale ones, rather than the egg yolk yellow jobs. I love the double-takes you get from friends seeing it for the first time!

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