Working through half term

Two of the children came back from their Dads yesterday, Sadie is travelling with him to Glasgow to visit her Grandmother. So the house is reasonably quiet, it’s amazing what a difference it makes just removing one child from the equation. I had worked flat-out over the weekend to get as much done as possible, my brainstorming session has left me with a long to do list!!

I have nearly finished my first batch of hair bands and started listing them on Etsy today. I also listed a couple of paintings. Once items are made and packaging decided upon I then start the marathon task of photographing it all. I cleared the top of a small chest of draws in the kitchen and added white paper, this is my best natural light source. Inspired in part by a box of little toys from my childhood I decided to set up miniature scenes for all my little accessories using these dolls house toys as props. I also persuaded Rosie to model for me, she was great although I had to work extremely fast as she was bored after about fifteen minutes!


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