Brainstorming weekend

I started this weekend on Friday with my sketchbook and a brainstorming session, I wanted to note down all the ideas I’ve carried around in my head recently. Once on paper I could start to sort out a plan of action, one goal for this year is to expand my paintings and dolls with a view to exhibiting but I also want to think about what I’m selling in my shop, I have a family to support and ultimately I would like to have cards, quality prints and a small range of t-shirts, I am ready for this as far as designs and art work go but this kind of growth requires money which I don’t have. So I need to think of other affordable items for my shop which I hope will generate sales and in time allow me to add the printed items.

I have plenty of ideas and am trying to get ready for Easter, the first group of work is felt headbands, they are similar to my fox, cat and bird dolls with a slightly retro 50s or 60s children’s illustration feel to them, lots of lovely little animals for Easter and Spring. Whilst I was working I thought it might be fun to share some of my sketchbook, I know I always enjoy a peek behind the scenes. This book is more of a notebook, it fits in my purse and I just scribble down ideas when I can.

4 thoughts on “Brainstorming weekend

  1. thanks for sharing your wonderful notes. It is always fun to see what the thought process is…i have one per year too– and i always go back and take a look later when things are bit slow on the creativity and find something new to start.

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