Beware the Prince of Thorns, pencil and ink drawing for the new year. The holiday season is over, it’s been difficult to raise a festive cheer over the last couple of years, but I worked very hard to ensure the children had a lovely christmas, and it was a success. I hope you all had a joyful experience with good company, food and a little wine!

I had a lovely new years eve with friends, a great early 60s in Paris themed night, Thank you Penny and Mark. Then I crashed into 2012 with the shocking and messy reality of my life, no need for humiliating details, just a combination of sheer exhaustion, lack of finances and a pile of bills, tax returns and one forgotten bill!!

Anyway I am on my way to patching my life back together, I want to buy the biggest wall planner known to mankind then employ a personal secretary, full-time nanny and housekeeper, oh if only, the wall planner will have to suffice. so I have been away from the blog whilst I tend to the above mentioned crisis, my baby was also eight today! the last of the family birthdays including mine which brings me to the grand and I think auspicious age of 43, wow that seems like a slightly funny joke because I’m obviously nowhere near that grown up!

The only solution for my shaken nerves and sleepless nights is to get back to work. I have been inspired to make some textile collars or bib necklaces, not really sure what to call them, hope to have some images soon. Below are some drawings completed today, animal faces.


6 thoughts on “2012

  1. Jess – you’re a wonderfully gifted artist and I, at least, am better off for having experienced your process, and your work through this blog

    Here’s to a prosperous New Year!

  2. Lets hope 2012 is a brilliant year for one and all… what about getting secretary like Bubbles in Absolutely Fabulous … she would make you feel very organised (in comparison) and she would look perfect wearing your ace bib necklaces 🙂

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