Goldilocks and the pistachio moon

This weeks paintings turned into Goldilocks and the little bear in this first square painting, the second version that I am still working on shows them full length and with the addition of a pistachio moon, I was inspired by the last full moon, a couple of days ago before the crazy weather began the girls and I marvelled at the huge moon on the way home from school, it was 4pm and the sky was grey but not yet dark and the moon had a strange green tint to it.

This is a detail of the small Goldilocks painting and below is the larger painting I’m still working on, at the moment I don’t have the time or resources to stretch my own canvases, I bought this selection in a sale at my local art shop and this larger canvas is in fact linen, not something I would normally indulge in but I love the smoother surface, great when working in detail on a small-scale.



And finally I think I have finished In The Theatre of Your Mind, or at least I must stop tinkering! some paintings just arrive fully formed others have a journey, I like it when a bit of history builds up, like the placement of the teapot ladies arm has changed but the trace of its original position is still there. I read or heard somewhere that pierre Bonnard was often caught changing paintings in people’s homes after they had bought them and displayed them! imagine walking into your living room to welcome your guest and find them with their paint box out!

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