New Paintings


I’ve finished several paintings this week and will be listing them in my new shop soon. I have a collection of drawings and sketches probably spanning the last two years that I want to translate into paintings. It’s not been possible to paint for so long with the children and all the house moving so I’m loving it now. All the paintings are small in scale, partly because I still have restrictions on my time and space but also because I wanted to produce works in an accessible size, everyone should have at least three works of contemporary art in their homes, I want to produce a whole series of paintings that can live in the smallest of spaces.  I painted on a large-scale in college, my degree show was floor to ceiling, 12 foot or more, it was a stand back and look up experience that I loved, the paintings I’m doing now are about being drawn in very close, you have to come in to see the detail but from a distance the colour provides composition and shapes.

The images I produce are intentionally quite naive, colourful and childlike, they are figurative and illustrative with a bubble of darkness about to pop. My paintings connect to my sewn work, they are domestic,  steeped in a sort of sunday painting femininity but with a pin prick of danger. I’ll probably read this tomorrow and cringe, having returned from my daughters lovely carol singing event I have bundled them into bed and sought refuge from my sons television watching with a large glass of wine and a opportunity to update my blog (son plugged into TV so computer free) hence the abundant flow of words, I usually only manage about 75.

I will now upload the pictures, have one more glass of wine and go to bed.


Sisters, 25 x 25cm



Bird Man, 20 x 20cm



Mother I Love You, 10 x 15 cm



She remembered the journey here but couldn’t see an exit anywhere, 20 x 20 cm



In the theatre of your mind, 30 x 30 cm




Stars in her eyes, The little Infanta, 20 x 25 cm





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