November winner


Hi everyone, I’m sorry it’s so late, the hours just disappear, stuffing arms and legs and I forgot the time! so first of all I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for your lovely comments, it was impossible to choose but as I was acquainting myself with your lovely blogs I came across Amalia who is bravely coping with her third baby whilst trying not to lose sight of herself and her creativity, three children is huge I can’t say it necessarily gets easier but it changes and it’s always interesting and Amalia you do get some time back even if it’s just those precious sleeping hours, and hey I now have three children who can almost dress themselves in the morning!

Anyway Amalia you are my worthy winner, so I hope Oona will make a lovely present for an exhausted new mum. I will have a new giveaway soon (probably after Christmas) but keep checking back to see if  I can fit one last giveaway into 2011.


2 thoughts on “November winner

  1. Ooooh… aren’t I just lucky??? Thank you, Jess! Oona is so very lovely, can’t wait to meet her! You’re so sweet for saying those kind, kind things… my days are harder and yet better with my three children. A frown is always followed with a smile and a chuckle, so I guess we’re both blessed that way, huh? Thanks again, Jess, I’m smiling from ear to ear now! 🙂

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