A quiet weekend


When the children are away I get a chance to think. I carry a lot of my ideas around in my head and on scraps of paper, if I find time they might make it into a sketch book. But this is the time, when the house is quiet that I can let those ideas start to grow and formulate. The bears and rabbits have waited for a while with lots of unresolved details, yesterday between cups of coffee and reading the newspaper (this is my weekend off!) I began to put them together, in fact the luxury of quiet uninterrupted hours is blissful, I never stop thinking about my work but it is often in the quiet moments reading the newspaper that I look over at a doll or drawing and know what it is I want to do.

These are pictures from yesterday so I will post more images of these tomorrow, as I have nearly completed them today, I have also been working on a pattern for cats and other animals. These new characters are similar to Mr Fox who was made from wool felt, I want to work out a cloth version and so far they are looking pretty good, pictures tomorrow, it gets dark so early now! I have to remember to take photos in the morning.








One thought on “A quiet weekend

  1. Fantastic – Love the bunny and bear! Know what you mean about having free time, its so energizing and as a single mum myself cherish those moments. Looking forward in seeing more photos!!!!

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