Half Hour Recycled Zombie

Last night we had a call from one of Toms friends asking if he would like to go to a Zombie party this morning! whilst we have made good headway with the girls Halloween costumes, Tom has ho-hummed all week about what he would like to be. Last night I went to sleep formulating a plan, those old pink stockings and white t-shirt in the Oxfam bag and red food colouring….I could save the day!!

So this morning I lightly stuffed the stocking weight tights and with thread  tied them into sausage like sections, initially I had thought I was just doing intestines bursting out of ripped t-shirt but when I spotted Toms old clown mask that he was rather reluctantly getting out for a third Halloween, inspiration struck. Whilst Tom was still sleeping I took the risk of cutting into the mask and pushing through a couple of my sausages, I then roughly stitched into the stuffed shape until I had a brain like effect, this was very satisfying and easy, no sewing skills required just push your needle and thread back and forth through the stuffed stocking until you are happy, I then put a few stitches through the rubber mask around the base of the brain leakage to secure my horror creation. If you haven’t got an old mask try using an old hat, even a current hat could have brains sewn to the outside then carefully removed after Halloween.

Next slash and rip an old T-shirt around the edges and the stomach area. Then push the rest of your sausage stockings through, again very rough sewing is all that’s required to secure the intestines in place and add any extra stitches along their length to make them extra lumpy and gross!!

Lay out plenty of newspaper then mix some red food colouring with a little water. I used a paint brush to splatter & drip  careful not to get too messy! I also added a couple of gruesome hand prints for extra horror effect, by washing my hands immediately afterwards I was able to avoid murderous fingertips for the rest of the day.

And Hey Presto! one half hour zombie ready to go……..and a happy 13-year-old (the brains were so cool he didn’t notice I’d cut the mask!)


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