Red is clothed

Little Red is clothed at last, I’ve gone for raw edges and lots of coloured stitching, I wanted it to evolve as I worked, I usually find it’s best for me to work like this, the character emerges and develops whilst I work. So as I put together scraps of vintage silk and linen a costume started to appear. I like the mismatched quality of her outfit and the slightly rough-hewn feel. Her skirt is padded and made from vintage kimono silk and scraps of silk handed down to me from my mums dressmaking business. She has one hand painted button at her waist.

I am still working on her accessories, completed is her knitted red hood a felt wolf’s head! a basket and a couple of disguises that may well come in handy as I have no idea what adventures little Red has been involved in?

Who’s behind the mask? and is that little Red or the mysterious Miss Bird?


5 thoughts on “Red is clothed

  1. oh my god I love her – I love her disguises .. but my favourite has to be the wolfs head! Take that Mr. Wolf.

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