Red Riding Hood & Friends

There has been a lot to do since returning from Renegade in London. Lots of sorting, tidying and organising, paperwork, all the things that were neglected in the run up to London. Still I have managed to get some work done, today I especially wanted to work on red riding hood who has waited patiently to be completed. Her body is finished so now I just need to make her clothes. I have also been working on some little painted wooden dolls and alphabet fairies. there are brooches, bears and dolls queuing up so this coming weekend when the children are at their dads for the first weekend in a very very long time I will finally have some full working days.

Below are Geraldine and Montague, hand painted in Acrylics and varnished, they have needle felted wool hair. Read their story here. The little fairies above are being listed in my shop during this week. There is also a spooky little ghost in that top photo, he is also nearly ready to float off to a new home.

Red riding hood has painted paper clay head arm and legs, her body is hand sewn wool felt, I’ve used the baseball stitch in a variety of colours. Her arms and legs are attached with vintage buttons. She is polyester stuffed, hopefully tomorrow I will have some pics of her clothed, the weathers getting cold and she’s due to visit Grandma soon!

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