Home from Renegade craft fair in London

                                                                                     Setting up on Saturday morning

We arrived home sunday night at about 11.30pm, poor Sadie was exhausted but we tumbled straight into bed and slept in late the next morning. The weekend was an amazing experience and mostly because we met so many lovely people. I didn’t take nearly enough photos, something I’ll remember for next time and try to get around with my camera before it gets too busy!

I was delighted to meet  Tania the creator behind Ninon With her wonderful dolls, having admired her work on flickr and Etsy for so long!

                                                                                      Dolls by Ninon

The second lovely surprise was to meet the charming Eva of Misako Mimoko another artist I admire greatly, visiting from Barcelona she hooked up with illustrator Kerry Layton of seventytree and sofia of hey Sosi to visit the Renegade craft fair. As I said I was hopeless on the picture front so hope Kerry doesn’t mind me adding her lovely image of Eva.

                                                                             Eva, Misako Mimoko by Kerry Layton

Sadie was a wonderful companion, she was interested and engaged for the full two days never complaining about the long journeys back and forth between Peckham and Brick Lane. We were looked after by our lovely friend Hattie who made us so welcome, cooking evening meals when we arrived back exhausted, she also popped into the fair on Saturday and with her friend Tamsin sat on our stall to give Sadie and I a welcome break to wonder around the fair together. We met the talented Vera Balyura of VeraMeat and came home with two lovely rings and a necklace.

First thing Saturday morning with the tables ready and waiting. Below Sadie getting ready to help me set up.

Our neighbour was the Lovely Kim of Art Equals Happy, Sadie and I were transfixed by Kim and her spinning wheel creating beautiful yarn. So many lovely other people came by and said hello, I sincerely hope we will meet many of them again at future events. Have a lovely week. Here are some links to other blogs with better pictures from the weekend!





7 thoughts on “Home from Renegade craft fair in London

  1. Hi, saw your work at renegade, I thought it was the most innovative and beautiful of all the stuff I saw. Can’t wait to get one of your gorgeous cat brooches. I came back to get one and they’d all gone (sniff!)

    Hope the whole weekend went well!


  2. Hi Ella, thank you so much, There will be more cat brooches in my shop soon:)

    Hi Kim, loved your science beakers and mexican wrestlers, sorry I didn’t get around to speak to people more, hope to meet again at future events, Mr Fox will be landing in New York tomorrow!!

  3. Jess,your work really makes a great display. I would have loved to be there!

    Great to read you had a good weekend. Was this your first market?
    I’ve done two markets in my paper mache period. Great sales, but really exhausting. Went to art school hoping to escape market stalls. Little did I know about the crap spaces exhibits are hold in the fine art world. And there are guaranteed no sales 😉
    Have a good time!

  4. hi Jess!!! 😀
    it was so exciting to meet you too!! and Sadie was so lovely!
    I loved to see all your amazing little creatures in person. I’m wearing your brooch, so beautiful, it was really hard to choose just one.
    Hope to meet you on any other craft event!! and Tania, and Kerry and Sofia too!!
    we want some fun!!

    (I’ll post about it all this week, I’ll tell you… there was no internet in the hotel, and these days have been really crazy.)
    take care and have a happy crafting ♥

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