Renegade Craft Fair, London


The last brooch has been finished, the last doll labelled, everything is in my suitcase and ready to go. Tomorrow Sadie and I will get the train to London. I hope to have lots of great pictures to show you when I get back, have a lovely weekend and if you’re in London come along to Brick Lane.


7 thoughts on “Renegade Craft Fair, London

  1. Felicitaciones por todo el trabajo hecho, felicidades en los próximos días… que la experiencia por venir sea enteramente positiva y rica para tu vida, en espera de las buenas noticias y fotos del fin de semana! muchos abrazos y los mejores deseos!

  2. Thank you Alice & Murgatroyd, I’m back exhausted but happy, I didn’t get the photos i had hoped but will cobble something together with what I’ve got. Other people have done a great job, thank you toy toad & Kerry:)

  3. Kerry I tried to leave a comment on your blog twice but was foiled by cookies! or something, not sure how to resolve that. Thank you so much for including my work in your post, it was lovely to meet you and such a lovely surprise to meet Eva:)
    The weekend was great mostly because of all the really lovely people we met.
    Best Wishes Jess

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