Renegade Craft Fair London

I had to order tissue paper and bags on the computer so thought I would steal a few extra minutes to update on my craft show progress. I’m working day and night to complete dolls, brooches, packaging, pricing and a million other essential tasks!

I mocked up a table then took a very dark photo, but it gives me a rough idea of how much I can fit on the table and how it might look.

A couple of shots of my kitchen table, as it has been for the last week, everyone a bit feed up of eating off their laps!

Off to collect the kids now, then back to work!!

4 thoughts on “Renegade Craft Fair London

  1. Gosh – you have been busy! Looks like it’s going to be a very vibrant stall which lots of people will want to stop and peruse. Love the spotty tissue packaging. All of the ‘lap dinners’ will be worth it!

  2. Looks great Jess – I’ll keep an eye out for your stall (it’ll be the one with the MASSIVE CROWD around it I’m sure), I’m coming to have a snoop around with a view to having a stall next time šŸ™‚

  3. Thank you both very much and I look forward to meeting you Flora, I’m not sure what to expect just what I know from the internet of the american fairs, nervous and excited in equal measures!!

  4. OMG Jess it’s like a fair on there. Tonnes of great colourful stuff and in a range of sizes!

    Best of luck with the craft fair.

    I know you’re going to do this but I’ll say it anyway – explain and enthuse about your work – people are much more receptive to buying when they get where you’re coming from creatively.

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