A long week

What a week, I’ve worked hard to make sure my Etsy shop is well stocked and making preparations for the renegade craft fair. There is so much to do and so little money in the pot which makes it a very stressful endeavour. It’s my son’s birthday next week which I have still to organise, I was feeling like my head was going to pop by Thursday when my middle child fell ill with a stomach bug, she was home for two days whilst I tried to carry on working and not worry too much about the no money no work situation. On Friday Sadie was feeling a little better, I stopped sewing long enough to fix us some lunch and feed the guinea pigs which was when we discovered Rango, Sadie’s little pig wasn’t eating, we took him inside for cuddles and warmth. But by the time we had returned from collecting my youngest daughter from school, Rango was looking worse and died within minutes. Sadie was distraught and I felt awful.

We cried, watched a movie and went to bed. Today was spent organising indoor accommodation for the remaining two guinea pigs and researching the possibility of replacing Rango, apparently this can be tricky, introducing a new male guinea pig to a bonded pair of males, a female is obviously out of the question! although Sadie seemed unconvinced!

Thank goodness the sun is shining!!

Above are square babies and Below are big-headed babies based on raggedy ann dolls made by my mum when I was a child. The last image is me spreading out on the kitchen table and new birdy’s in progress.




5 thoughts on “A long week

  1. Una semana muy fructífera en realidad, una increíble cantidad de nuevos seres…. yo estuve todo el domingo intentando hacer una pequeña bolsa, y no la pude terminar!!!!
    Tienes un gran talento de imaginación y de producción!
    Un abrazo!

  2. Claro que los recibí … te lo comenté en tu post del 4 de septiembre. Otra vez muchas gracias, estoy muy feliz con mis tesoros!!!

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