A tidy house and a good days work

working all day on new painted clay doll brooches, nearly finished. I have spent two days cleaning the house (downstairs) I’ll need a few days before I can tackle upstairs and the children’s bedroom’s!!

The cats are wondering where I have tidied their bowls to. This is my kitchen cookbook corner.

Rosie enjoys her afternoon snack.

I’ve re-arranged the bookshelves to divide up our long main room, I’m pleased with the results, strangely the room seems a lot bigger? and Ziggy seems happy with the new arrangements. Supper time, I’ll be back later with more brooch pictures.


4 thoughts on “A tidy house and a good days work

  1. Felicitaciones Jess, esta todo muy lindo, tu casa parece de revista de decoración, se ve tan acogedora, cálida, moderna y con tanto arte!!!! Ahhhh! un espacio muy placentero.
    Me gusta todo los objetos, los tejidos… me pregunto como haces para vivir con 2 gatos y que todo este tan perfecto y limpio! yo tengo 3 en casa y tuve que restringir su acceso pues los pelos lo invadían todo!!!!!!
    Un abrazo!

  2. Your house is so lovely! I stumbled across your blog, and fell in love with the photos. Those bookshelves are my favorite feature. I hope my home will one day look like yours. The dolls are adorable as well. I’ve wanted to try making tiny clay dolls for awhile, but I always worry mine will just look ridiculous. Wonderful blog! I’ll be keeping you in my bookmarks. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, my house doesn’t always look this tidy! But I’m very pleased with the way the bookshelves look. My advice is get some clay and give it a go, try out some ideas and I’m sure you’ll find your own flow, it doesn’t matter if they look a little odd you might surprise yourself and love them anyway! (I have lots and lots of unresolved and unfinished work that never quite made it)

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