A Travelling circus

Everyone is on the move this week, after an exhausting summer the children are back to school tomorrow and all the work I’ve put into the shop is coming together, my lovely ringmaster is travelling to his new home in Norfolk and Maggie and Birdie are going all the way to California to join Babiekins magazine. I’ve also been putting together an interview for Tiffany at Bloesem. I have a sketch book full of ideas and lots projects to be finished off, I’m really looking forward to some clear working days with no distractions (apart from a wet nosed whippet and his red rubber ball!)

It’s a beautiful day here in Bristol, I’m going to enjoy the last few hours of the summer holidays before the school uniform, packed lunch where are my shoes? roundabout begins!

                                             Norfolk bound, the circus is coming to town


                                                    Maggie & Birdie, travelling companions on their way to California!


One thought on “A Travelling circus

  1. Están preciosos estos muñecos viajeros… felicitaciones para ti!
    y les deseo un muy buen año de colegio a los niños!

    ( muchísimas gracias por el premio de Julio… llegó hace unos días atrás, todo precioso… me hace muy feliz tener un poco de tu arte!!!!!

    Gracias, gracias, gracias!!!! )

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