Painting clay figures

After my mornings good news …. being accepted for the London Renegade Fair!! I managed to squeeze in some work. First I helped my son get ready to visit his dad, the girls were on an overnight last night and weren’t due back until late morning. So I finished off a couple of pendants to list in my Etsy shop and got on with painting my little paper clay figures, they’ve waited a long time for some faces & clothes. The inspiration started here with the world of Mary Ellen Best and her paintings of Victorian children and costumes, so these are my Victorian children clay figures, each approx 4″ high.

In the photo above you can see my new ‘wargamer; insane detail’ paintbrush, on Thursday I had the new and strange experience of visiting a games model shop with my 12-year-old son who has just started with war hammer, a game where you build and paint your own intricate models for battles, so whilst Tom deliberated over which orks to get I spotted the tiny detail brushes and we all went home happy.

There are still a few more to paint so I’m off to sneak in a little more work before supper, only Sadie and I eating tonight as poor old Rosie has been very sick all day and is now asleep in my bed. Oh and some of the pendants I finished off this morning.






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