New dolls


Everything is a bit crazy at the moment, trying to keep the kids entertained  in hot muggy weather and with dwindling funds, working part time and keeping all the child care organised, working as much as I can on my Etsy shop, keeping it up to date, posting orders as well as some messy family stuff that is truly horrible and not something to darken the pages of my blog with.

So among all of this I am trying to keep up to date with my work, new designs for the shop, autumn & christmas ideas need to be finalised soon. These cloth dolls are what I have worked on this week as I want to have a couple of these to take up to London for the Liberty’s new designer open day in a couple of weeks. I’m also waiting to hear about the London Renegade craft show, so fingers crossed on that one.

These are made from cashmere inherited from my mums dressmaking business. The faces are printed cotton from my drawings, the large pink buttons are made from polymer clay.


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