A Day out and some work progress

Yesterday the kids and I hopped on the train to Bath, it was a gloriously sunny day, we strolled by the canal, went to the Holburne museum to see Peter Blakes A Museum for myself which was great fun and then sat in the Parade gardens and had cream teas, it was a welcome break from all the stress. I forgot to take my camera!! here is a link to flickr where someone else has taken a lovely picture.

On to work, here are the early stages of my Victorian children clay brooches inspired by this book.

And some felt brooches in progress, several new designs, I hope to list some of these later today in my Etsy shop.

Circus Cat above and Baby Elvis below. Boy and Old Bear below.

5 thoughts on “A Day out and some work progress

  1. Realmente hermosos… los broches de los nuevos dibujos tienen una leve variación que me parece muy atractiva! felicitaciones!!! muy buen trabajo!!!! y los “niños victorianos”…. espero con ansiedad verlos terminados… se ven muy bien hasta ahora! Un abrazo!

  2. Love the new design brooches.

    Is that air dry clay you’re using? How do you make such anazing things with it – I just can’t seem to get it to do what I want it to. Any tips would be greatly appreciated

    1. Hi Dani
      I make a tightly packed core from silver foil in a rough head and body shape, making this several times smaller than I envisage the finished piece. I then mould the clay around this shape, I have fine sculpting tools to shape, cut and add, but knives, knitting needles, pins all work. I usually brush on a little water if adding a nose for instance or if the clay is getting a little dry. I air dry or speed it up in a warm oven.
      I then sand and sometimes fill and reshape with extra clay, leave to dry. Sand again then paint and varnish. Hope this helps. Oh and it is air drying clay or paper clay.

      1. Thank you so much for the tips Jess – I really appreciate them, brilliant – I’ll have to get practicing 🙂

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