New Business Cards

Yesterday my cards and stickers arrived from Moo, they look great. I will use these for packaging and may sell some stickers in my shop. the cards above have lovely curved corners. Below shows the back of the cards.

I have spent most of this week working on my Etsy shop, mostly redoing the photos, I’m absolutely exhausted but I’m sure it will be worth it. I need some extra sleep from somewhere, I wish you could buy an extra four hours when you really needed it and it came all wrapped up in a soft pillow of sweet dreams aahh…..

I have quite a lot of projects that need finishing before the kids holidays, several brooches to complete and dolls that need photographing for the shop. Wish me luck!

Below are the stickers I had printed.

One thought on “New Business Cards

  1. Guau! nunca más me quejo por falta de tiempo!!!! eres un gran ejemplo de “hacer” y “concretar” las ideas y proyectos….
    Las tarjetas de presentación bellísimas, un regalo extra para los compradores! Muy buenas fotos! …

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