Free Shipping

Above is a new Miko brooch listed today on Etsy

I have free worldwide  shipping available for the month of July in my Etsy shop. When you check out your shopping basket just add the coupon code FREESHIPPING07. I will also sort out my July giveaway over the weekend so keep checking for updates on that.

It has been a bit of a stressful week with some very difficult family issues weighing down on me. but I am trying to keep on track with my making schedule for the shop. below are some items finished yesterday and today, all will be listed in my Etsy shop soon.

A funny Bunny and a baby Hoot nearly finished above. With a close up of Bunny below.

Above is a spooky little skeleton brooch, one of my first brooches with a bit of a Halloween theme and below is Roger my little goggle wearing inventor.

 A busy weekend ahead getting eldest child sorted out for school camp on monday, youngest child to birthday party, middle child practicing for next weeks violin exam and me trying to squeeze a bit of work in. I should also mention the good bits from this week, I had some good orders on Etsy I also decided to apply for Renegade craft fair, I wont hear until August whether or not I have got in but am really looking forward to the possibility. I have also been offered the opportunity to exhibit some of my work in the USA in January of next year, this group show is being organised by the talented Nichol Brinkman who can also be found here.

We have had crazy rain for the last couple of days so hoping for a little ray of sunshine. Hope there is better weather where you are and have a great weekend.


4 thoughts on “Free Shipping

  1. Incríble! admiro tu capacidad de seguir adelante con las creaciones a pesar de las complicaciones familiares… yo estos últimos días me sentí muy abrumada por los problemas y falta de tiempo, y queriendo hacer tantas cosas… uf! pero pienso que ya volví al equilibrio y a hacer las cosas que me gustan… un abrazo!

  2. These are really incredible, I love their manes! Thanks for the shout out! Also, I am certain you are a shoe-in at Renegade, your work is utterly unique and lovely.

  3. Thank you ThaColorGray, Hi Alice, life doesn’t always play fair but I feel lucky that my creative energy is a really positive force that moves me forward and out of some pretty dark places, I know it’s often hard to find that balance so hope you have a better week ahead of you to concentrate on the things you enjoy.
    Hi Nichol, your welcome and thank you, I do hope so, it would be a great opportunity to get my work seen.

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