Packing & making orders

This week I have put a lot of energy into my packaging, with three or four orders to send out it was a good time to make some decisions on how I want things to look. I took the above image yesterday in rather grey conditions but it gives an idea of how things are looking. Unfortunately I just packaged up todays order without documenting it, a bit silly!

I have placed an order at for business cards and stickers, so I’m hoping once they arrive everything will start to look really good. Each step has to be thought about, which text to use, what colours, printing on different types of paper gives different results. The cellophane pockets, yes or no and what sizes? what colour tissue paper, labels, have I included all relevent info about the product and my contact details and if so where should this go. Labels, what type, text or image or both? different items require different types of packaging! so when all this is done do all the different elements tie in, is the packaging consistent across different items in terms of quality, colour, logos or text. And finally sizing with regard to posting, do the products fit available packaging and if not how will I post efficiently. Phew it’s been quite a week.

I’m also thinking about adding necklaces to my shop, ideas are in the early stages but I’ve ordered some materials to get started. Below is a sample using the only pendant I could find locally but It gives an idea of what I’m thinking about. This is a small ink drawing. I also want to do some 3D pendants with tiny sculptures inside glass boxes and domes.

Also this week I have continued with the small art felt brooches, below is a baby hoot.


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