What I did yesterday

I moaned a bit in my last post, I’ll blame it on the 5am start. But the sun is shining its glorious and fulsome self today and even though I’m working inside I feel a smily warm glow. I’m going to add some pictures of yesterdays work and then crack on with more brooches. First some work table shots.

The shrink plastic I’m using for most of the above is white and gives a darker finished image, I think they lend themselves to stronger coloured felt. The other type I use is a semi transparent sheet that looks slightly frosted and gives a much subtler print , the brooch below is an example of this.

Above is the ‘little devil’ brooch and below is ‘Maggie’ with a lovely bow.

Then I’ve been working on some slightly larger characters and experimenting with frames, thinking about how they might work if displayed.

Above is a little rain cloud with lightning legs. Below is a happy mushroom.

Above a panda brooch in progress. And finally some pretty colours in a picture of ribbons from Mondays craft shop haul.


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